Demetra Art Hotel has prepared the most interesting and timely offers for you. Some of them will help you to cut down expenses; the others will make your trip really vivid and unforgettable. Please find the full list of our offers and choose the best one.

  • For those in love. Tender flowers, sparkling wine, and fresh fruit – all this will ensure you are in a romantic mood. We will offer you soft slippers and bathrobes and deliver breakfast in the room. Just order additional romantic package and make this stay special for your better half.
  • For art lovers. It’s not for nothing that Demetra Art Hotel has “Art” in its name. You won’t have to leave the hotel or even your room to touch the beautiful. You will see the chef-d’oeuvres from the Erarta modern art museum collection and will have an opportunity to buy a reproduction of the painting you like.
  • Business package. A seminar, a conference or another event of importance for your company will be held in St. Petersburg? The hotel offers special accommodation for business delegations in case at least 10 rooms are booked at a time. You may also use our conference room.
  • Best time to book. Thinking about when to arrive? Please note our special offer. You may have an affordable room at a best rate. We regularly offer special rates for accommodation at certain seasons depending on the arrival date. Please follow the updates.
  • Half-price every weekend. Interesting rates for accommodation from Friday to Sunday. You are going to the northern capital for a couple of days? Please note our special offer. You will not only have a room at a “week-end” price but will have an opportunity to attend a great number of interesting events, since it's at that time that you can see the city in its full splendour and beauty.

We would be happy to answer your questions and to help you with finding a best offer for you. The list of special offers is regularly updated. Please contact us at +7 (812) 640-04-08 to have detailed information on the current offers and packages.