Art on the walls

The art of the hotel starts from its walls which were built in 1913 by architect William Van Der Gucht - one of the brightest representatives of late eclecticism and art nouveau architecture of the early XXth century.

Rossi Cattaneo design studio continued the trend and reflected different epochs of St. Petersburg art history on the floors of the hotel – classicism, baroque and art nouveau.

The hotel walls are decorated with reproductions of «Erarta» paintings - the largest museum of contemporary art in Russia. This joint project allows our guests to purchase any picture they like, just contact the reception staff.

Events and partnerships

Demetra Art Hotel was a partner of the Hermitage and «Hermitage 20/21» project as well, which is the Hermitage special project concentrated on collecting, studying and exhibiting contemporary art. The curators of the project are also the speakers at our events.

In 2016 Hotel created the «Art kavrtirnik» project - regular educational meetings in hotel rooms in the spirit of the 80s home parties but with guest speakers. The speakers were the famous people from the world of arts, business and science.

Since the end of 2018, the project has grown in scale and moved to our Entresol hall. Now it is called DAH talks - regular lecture-discussions about the modern world with a glass of wine. Information about future events is always available at the reception or through the social networks of the Hotel.

Demetra Art Hotel is pleased to introduce its guests small local projects too. Since 2014 Demetra Art Hotel cooperates with Anna Nova - the gallery of contemporary visual art. Guests are always aware of the latest exhibitions at the gallery and have free access to them. Since 2016 Demetra Art Hotel organizes exhibitions in cooperation with the club of contemporary art lovers - I love art gallery.

Demetra Art Hotel skillfully combines classical art and modern. For example, in 2015 Petersburg graffiti artist Filipp Dulmachenko made a graffiti on our canopy above the main entrance, which can only be seen by a Hotels’ guests. In 2018, the other artists – twins brothers Ztwins – covered graffiti. This was possible through Street Art Museum: since 2017 the Hotel is the official partner of the Museum and holds joint exhibitions and events.

For a 4th year anniversary we decided to make our own contribution to the world of art and presented the project The Real Faces of Hospitality - a creative photoshoot with the hotel and the restaurant staff in the style of photographer Terry Richardson.

Not limited to the visual arts, hotel exclusively cooperates with Leningrad center - a large-scale show space near the hotel. Guests can purchase tickets to their events at our reception.

Demetra Art Hotel keeps up with the art news with great interest and is always opened for new collaborations. Welcome to the modern Saint Petersburg!

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