Category rooms

Perfect combination of price, quality and location. All rooms are located in the annex, which gurarantees quiet.
Classics of the genre. All rooms are located in the main building and presented in 4 diffrenet colour styles.
The room area is about 25 sq.m. Superior's unique feature: bay window or balcony.
Spacious rooms of about 30 sq.m. Properly organized space includes sleeping and working area. It is possible to set an extra bed for a third guest.
Junior Suite
All rooms are located on the upper floors of the hotel and have balconies or terraces with the view to the city.
Perfect combination of price, quality and location for a single stay. Properly organized space includes hallway, bathroom, comfy bed and working area.

Demetra Art Hotel guests would always precisely know, in which city they have woken up. Different rooms with unique design from the Italian architectural studio Rossi Cattaneo enable our guests to change the atmosphere and the style of their stay each time without changing the hotel of your accomodation.

One can choose a room with a balcony, which is even larger then the room. One can choose a real Saint-Petersburg penthouse. It is possible to connect two rooms if you are staying with kids or friends. We also have a room with a window above the bath.